Understanding the SAM Connection

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Reviewing your SAM data in Symphony or the System for Award Management (SAM) involves these steps.


1. SAM Data Retrieval 

When registering, Symphony requires the SAM UEI and cage code to validate an organization and your registration. Symphony then connects to SAM and retrieves a preview of your SAM data pulled directly from your SAM record.

  • The SAM Data is linked to the first user's registration in Symphony.


2. Reviewing the SAM Data 

The SAM Data tab in My Company allows you to review more details and make any changes needed in SAM before proposal submission (See Figure 1). 

Figure 1. SAM Data in the My Company link

The most important elements are listed in the table below.


The UEI is for the Prime Contractor who will receive the contract award or the contract holder
The Cage code must match the correct UEI.
The address is displayed.
Business Types 
The socioeconomic business types are listed when available.
The NAICS are included for the Prime Contractor.


3. Updating the SAM record 

The SAM information is for reference only and SAM is the official system of record.

  • Symphony has no affiliation with SAM.
  • Our experience suggests using these steps to verify your SAM data at SAM.gov. 

1. Visit sam.gov 

Symphony uses an API provided by SAM to collect your SAM information directly. 

  • For validation purposes, you can only add your organization, team members, and MRCLS to your Company assets by looking up an organization by the SAM.gov Unique Entity Identifier (UEI, formerly DUNS as of April 1, 2022).

2. Search Records 

You can search by entity/company name or by UEI. Select the SEARCH button.

3. Preview the Results

A successful search will return results. 

  • The entity overview provides a quick look at a company. 
  • Pay attention to the entity name, UEI, status, expiration date, and purpose of registration. 
  • An entity must have an Active record to be registered in Symphony.


4. View Details 

Use the View Details button to verify SAM information such as Core Data, Assertions, Reps and Certs, and Points of Contact (POCs).


5. The POC link 

Symphony assigns your roles and permissions based on the SAM POC data at the time of your registration. 

  • SAM displays the Mandatory and Optional Points of Contact. 


Only the SAM Authorized Point(s) of Contact are trusted company representatives in Symphony.

  • SAM POCs can register for Symphony as an Administrator. 
    • Please download or save a copy of your SAM record that shows the Point of Contact names and email addresses for additional verification after registering in Symphony. 
    • Submit a Ticket and provide your SAM UEI and a copy of your POC information so that we can verify your access.

  • If your name is not listed as a trusted company representative, please ask your SAM POC(s) to register for Symphony and activate your account with the Administration link in Symphony once their access is approved. (See How an Inactive Account is Approved or How to Use Administration).

  • There is no activation in SAM. Activation occurs in Symphony. Submit a Ticket if you make updates at SAM after registration.


6. Representations and Certifications (Reps and Certs) 

All changes and corrections to your SAM data and the Reps and Certs can be made in SAM before submission to provide the government with an accurate record in Symphony. 

  • The NAICS codes in your Reps and Certs should match the NAICS codes referenced in the solicitation for the corresponding submission.

  • Provide your Representations and Certifications in the Business Factors section of My Company for the Prime (See Figure 2) or your Team Member's Business Factors.

Figure 2. The Representations and Certifications (Reps & Certs) Business Factor

4. Requesting a SAM refresh

You must update your data in SAM directly before it can be reflected in Symphony. Submit a Ticket if you make updates at SAM after registration and before proposal submission (See Figure 3).

  • SAM Data cannot be refreshed for Team Members or MRCLs.
  • SAM Data cannot be refreshed after proposal submission due to evaluations. Notify the program office of the changes outside Symphony.

A request to refresh the SAM data as a contract holder may require a contract modification and a ticket to the helpdesk outlining the changes. Contact us for a SAM refresh and please let us know your UEI/cage so the official SAM record can be retrieved. 

SAM data information

Figure 3. SAM refresh tooltip in the SAM Data section

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