How to Create OASIS Task Orders

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You may review the following Step by Step Instructions to successfully create a Task Order in Symphony for OASIS. The required URL for OASIS ordering activities is The steps for creating a task order require these details.

Step 1. Create a Task Order

From Quick Actions:

  1. Click Create a Task Order.

  2. Select the Contract Vehicle.

Step 2. Enter the Title

Enter your Task Order title and click Save. Follow the left navigation menu to complete the order.

Step 3. Add Points of Contact

Add contact information for the Ordering Contracting Officer (OCO) and the Contracting Specialist (CS). 

  1. Click the +Add button.

  2. If you would like to assign someone else who is already a registered user in Symphony, enter the name of the person you wish to INVITE. The suggestion box will search for a user as you type.
  3. Save or Cancel your changes.

Update or Remove the points of contact if you need to make changes.

Step 4. Select Contract Types

Symphony presents the Contract Types available. Select the Contract Type(s) that apply to the Task Order.

Step 5. Set the Order Processing Schedule

Set the parameters for the Symphony scheduler. Parameters are:

  • Release Date if supported.

  • Questions if there will be a Question and Answer Period and if so, the Q&A deadline.

  • Submission deadline for proposals.

Step 6. Choose the Fair Opportunity

Filter the Contract Holders by Pools and SBA designation to select contractors for your Task Order. You are required to choose at least one Contract Holder.

If there is an Exception to Fair Opportunity, use the link to provide your Fair Opportunity Exception Justification. 

Fair Opportunity Exception Message

Step 7. Provide Additional Information

Enter any additional information required by the Contract Vehicle. Requirements include:

  1. NAICS, PSC, and Type of Service 
  2. Estimated Period of Performance
  3. Place of Performance

Step 8. Include Attachments

Upload required documents or add files to the appropriate folders listed in the drop-down menu. 

Step 9. Review Documents

You can access the Document Library at any time to see what documents exist in the context of a particular order. You can also confirm that your files are in the appropriate folders for visibility. Return to the attachments tab to make changes.

Step 10. Submit or Cancel Order

Submission Permission MessageSubmit Order

Symphony advises you if there are validation errors in your order. Please fix any errors before you submit. Once satisfied with the Task Order, you can submit it for release if you are the Contracting Officer named on the order.

Contract Holders cannot view orders that are not released to them.

Cancel Order

You can cancel an order at any time during creation. Please provide a reason for the cancellation and click Cancel My Order. If you still need help, please contact us.

Step 11. Track the Approval History

You can see the history, status, and comments for your Task Order in the Approval History tab.

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