You may review the following Step by Step Instructions to successfully respond to questions in Symphony for ASTRO. The required URL for ASTRO ordering activities is: 

Step 1. View the Order
Step 2. Respond to Questions
Step 3. Review Answers
Step 4. Release Responses

Step 1. View the Order

Begin by selecting the Order link that is Released-Pending Questions from the Dashboard and select the Respond to Questions tab.

Step 2. Respond to Questions

Click on a question row to respond when you see the Needs Attention status. The types of responses are listed below.

Answer Question

When you select the Answer Question response, enter up to 2500 characters in the text box provided. You can also add a Tag to sort questions into categories. Save options are either Save or Save and Mark for Release.

  • Save gives a Responded status. The Responded state applies a filter that allows you to Mark All For Release at a later time. 
  • Save and Mark for Release is used for individual responses. The status becomes Ready for Release.
Reject Question

When you choose to Reject a Question, you can track the rejected question using the Rejected status filter.

Modify Question

When you Modify the Question, you can add Reference Text and rewrite the question. Confirm your changes by selecting Modify Question. The status will not change.

Mark as Duplicate

When you select the Mark as Duplicate response, the status updates to Duplicate.

Mark for Helpdesk

When you select the Mark for Helpdesk response, the status updates to Helpdesk.

Step 3. Review Answers

Responses marked as Ready for Release are in the Review Answers screen. 

On the Respond to Questions screen, you can filter on the Responded status and select Mark All For Release. 

If you do not want to release an answer, select the row and Unmark for Release. 

Step 4. Release Responses

You can Release Responses after you Review Answers. Questions and Answers are visible to all eligible Contract Holders, and Symphony adds the responses to the Q&A document each time it is released. If you still need help, please contact us.

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