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The following are some frequently asked questions regarding Orders in Symphony. If you still need help, contact us.

How do I change the Contracting Officer or Contract Specialist?

You can change the CO and CS in an order for which the deadline has not passed by issuing an amendment. Select the order to be modified, and then click the Amendment tab. Please reference this Amendment article for more information.

A Contract Specialist wasn't named when the order was placed. How do I add one?

Order amendments can be used to change an existing Contracting Officer or Contract Specialist, but not to add them to a vacant role. The Contracting Officer should contact the help desk requesting the CS be added.

Why can't I view or access an opportunity in Symphony? 

Only the assigned personnel can view an order in Symphony and the CO on the task order would need to put in a request with us to add additional POC(s) to the order without issuing an amendment. 

Someone I supervise should be the Contract Specialist but isn't in Symphony. How do I add them?

Users can't be registered by another person and must sign up for their own accounts. If necessary, the order can be released with the CO and CS assigned to the same person, and then the CO can issue an amendment to assign the new user as the CS as long as it's before the deadline. Please refer the new user to How to Complete Government Registration for more information.

How do I extend the deadline? How do I reopen the order if the deadline has passed?

Deadlines that have not passed can be extended by issuing an Amendment. Please reference this Amendment article for more information. If the deadline has passed, the CO or CS should reach out to the help desk for assistance.

How do I send an announcement to all IDIQs in a Contract Vehicle (e.g. Unrestricted, Small Business, 8a)?

Each IDIQ is handled individually in Symphony. Please place orders or market research for each one and the pools within them, and then the Program can announce them separately.

How do I create an RFP?

Create a Task Order in Symphony using the "Create a Task Order Request" button on the Dashboard. Please reference this Task Order article for additional information. Once the TO has been released and is pending proposals, contract holders can submit proposals or No Bids through the portal.

How do I conduct Market Research?

Create an RFI or other Market Research using the "Conduct Market Research" button on the Dashboard. Please reference this Market Research article for additional information. Once the "RFI" has been released, contract holders can respond up until the deadline.

Why can't I amend a Task Order?

  • There is a word/character count limit on the Amendment description. Please shorten it and try again.
  • If the deadline has passed and the order's status is "In Evaluation", no further changes can be made.
  • If the order was originally placed outside of Symphony, it must be managed outside Symphony as well. Please contact the Program office for assistance.

Will unsuccessful bidders be notified?

If you check the "send to unsuccessful" box, unsuccessful contractors will be notified when the award is approved.

For DHA users

How do I change the Points of Contact for an order?

Please contact the Program office and advise them of the change so that we can update the record in Symphony.

Can I add an additional TOKO or CS?

No, only one of each is allowed. We can change your POCs and change them back if a temporary change is needed. Please, contact us.

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